Asbestos inpection

mask anti poussières The french regulation defines two types of asbestos survey ('diagnostic amiante') in the buildings :
- an asbestos survey limited to the accessible without destructive work components (flockings, pipe laggings, suspended ceilings, floor tiles, conduits, coating of walls...).
- an asbestos survey 'all materials' (which is performed on the entirety of the building).

Before the signature of the 'promesse de vente' (commitment to sell) of a real estate built before 1997, the owner has to order a 'diagnostic amiante' of the 1st type.
The diagram details the other circumstances making compulsory the realization of an asbestos inspection for the owners (Code de la Santé publique) or the directors of building companies (Code du Travail).

Our service

We implement our expertise to carry out asbestos inspections according to the methodology imposed by the regulation and standard NFX 46-020.

Precautions (wearing of mask FFP3, pulverization of fixing product...) limit the risks of fibre dispersion.

During the inspection we can be led to entrust an approved laboratory with the analysis of:

The asbestos inspection can sometimes lead to asbestos removal. We are independent, according to the law, of any company in the building industry. We thus have no incentive to recommend superfluous asbestos removal nor to advise a company specialized in asbestos removal, should removal be necessary.

The report that we produce contains the location detailed by part, the notes assigned to each material containing asbestos, the photographs of the site of sampling, the results of the analyses of laboratory, and our conclusions.

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