Carrez law

Law 96-1107 of December 18, 1996 ('loi Carrez') imposes the mention of the square footage in the 'promesse de vente' (commitment to sell) of a privative condominium unit.

Although in the absolute they can carry out the measurement by themselves, it is advised to the owners to entrust a professional with this work. Indeed the calculation of square footage under the Carrez law requires a specific technique. Moreover the text of the Carrez law, by its brevity, leaves a margin of interpretation.

Our service

lasermètre The 1st stage is the measurement of the realty using a lasermeter. The 2nd stage is the modeling of the realty on a CAD software which calculates areas at the same time as it draws the plan of the building. This method reduces the risks of error, any inconsistency of measurement being detected on the plan.

The Carrez law certificate that we provide to our customer includes the detail of areas by room and the plan of the realty example pdf). We append the footages of parts of the realty excluded by Carrez law (balconies, ...), but which have an influence on the selling price of the realty.

Note: if the footage indicated on the sale contract proves to be higher of more than 5% than real footage, the Carrez law authorizes the purchaser to obtain a proportional price reduction. The reciprocal one is not true : if the error is in favour of the purchaser, the salesman cannot require under the terms of the Carrez law a raising of prices of sale.

House and Carrez law :

All privative condominium units are subjected to the 'loi Carrez', including the houses built on a land (ex: allotment) in joint ownership. This type of joint ownership is known under the name of horizontal condominium (or land condominium) in opposition to the vertical condominium which governs the buildings.

Option 2D

We realize in complement of the square footage the 2d views of your realty.

Option 3D

We carry out 3d services.

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